ANA’s forest cover campaign goes on

Millions of small trees grown in the Angkor area since 2004 have been distributed by the Apsara National Authority (ANA) to people who requested the plants for pagodas, schools, private land and other locations throughout Siem Reap and other provinces to participate in expanding Cambodia’s forest cover.

ANA spokesman Long Kosal told The Post on October 12 that the purpose of the programme is to promote distribution of trees and create a sense of caring for the forest and to expand forest cover.

“We have been planting seedlings since 2004 in the Angkor area.We are not only planting luxury trees, but also traditional trees such as tamarind, palm, and rattan. In general, all kinds of seedlings and we have more than two million trees.

“The reason why we continue to provide seedlings to the public is to expand forest cover in Cambodia, and we also want to cultivate the spirit of participation in planting and caring for seedlings. These are the key reasons why we continue to distribute seedlings,” he said.

Kosal also said that every year, ANA plants tens of thousands of small trees in the Angkor area and continues to distribute them to people who request them, but there are conditions.

“The conditions are not much; we just want to know if they will actually plant the seedlings. When a request is made for seedlings, people need to send the location of where they want to plant trees to our officials who will check if the place is nearby, and our team will inspect the location.

“Secondly, they have to send pictures to ANA after they have planted the trees,” he said.

ANA said that from October 1-11, mixed saplings, totalling 5,114, were distributed to monks and the public who asked to plant them at pagodas, schools, on private land and other locations in Siem Reap and other provinces.

ANA said that out of more than 5,000 trees, 1,140 were given to the pagoda chief monk to plant in the Velovorn Dork Pouy Kork Kroul pagoda in Russey Sanh village of Srei Snam district’s Chroy Neang Nuon commune.

Among the trees: 200 koki (Hopea odorata), 400 chheuteal (Dipterocarpus alatus), 100 romduol (Sphaerocoryne affinis), 200 thkol (Mimusops elengi), 100 kulen and 40 mak prang (Bouea macrophylla).

ANA provided 1,200 trees to Preah Indokosey pagoda to be planted in Chub Romdeng primary and secondary school in Chub Romdeng village of Svay Leu district’s Kantuot commune and planted on both sides of the road in Stung village of Prasat Bakong district’s Bakong commune. It included 300 Siamese rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis), 300 thnong (Pterocarpus macrocarpus), 200 beng (Afzelia xylocarpa), 300 koki and 100 romduol.

Another 440 saplings were given to the representative of the ANA’s Department of Public Order to be planted in front of Angkor Wat and at the department itself. These saplings include 300 chheuteal, 100 romduol and 40 kngok (Royal poinciana).

ANA provided 34 trees to Chin Mardy, a resident of Phnom Penh, to plant on his own land in Chbar Ampov district’s Prek Aeng commune.

Apart from that, there are many more saplings that ANA continues to provide to the public to plant in the provinces.

ANA said that from August 23 to October 11, ANA has distributed more than 10,000 mixed seedlings to the public.


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