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Mayura ‘empowering’ its partners with digital model aimed at ensuring success

Offering a safe e-commerce infrastructure – with payment security, data protection and a seamless user experience – and a unique ethos, newcomer Mayura is set to disrupt the Kingdom’s growing digital retail sector.

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E-commerce startup Mayura has leapt into Cambodia’s online shopping space with a striking mission statement – to offer “economic empowerment and opportunity creation” for both sellers and buyers.

Mayura – a Khmer and Sanskrit word for “peacock” – is leveraging on a multi-channel sales approach to provide customers with an integrated shopping experience.

As a part of the Hong Leng Huor Group, Mayura will avail of the logistics company’s existing networks and expertise to build its business as the Kingdom increasingly rides the e-commerce wave.

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The company’s primary goal is to increase visibility and sales for its partners. Supplied

“Our existing network of various logistics service providers and expertise in logistics management gives Mayura a significant strategic advantage in developing Cambodia’s nascent e-commerce industry and growing into an e-commerce powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

“We are living out our mission by helping our partners build sustainable e-commerce businesses by equipping them with all the tools and skills they need in order to become successful in today’s competitive marketplace,” Mayura’s head of product Paul Kim told The Post.

According to Paul, Mayura is Cambodia’s first and only end-to-end e-commerce solutions provider, with services ranging from importing, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, to marketing, sales and last-mile logistics.

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Mayura’s head of product Paul Kim. Supplied

The growth in the Kingdom’s e-commerce economy has largely been powered by a young social media savvy society and further fuelled by high internet penetration, affordable smartphones and increasing demand for online purchases – particularly with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

With the Telecomm-unication Regulator of Cambodia estimating there are more than 20 million sim-card subscribers and 15 million internet subscribers as of last August, the Kingdom’s online shopping segment is primed for strong growth in the coming years.

Beauty and health-related items – such as makeup, skincare, haircare, nail care, fragrances, baby and child care, vitamins, dietary supplements and sports nutrition – are all available on Mayura’s platform.

Mayura is planning to soon expand into other product categories, such as fashion and accessories, electronics, and home goods.

With a Covid-19 pandemic-induced volatile environment continuing to choke both large businesses and SMEs, many firms have been forced to explore new methods to sell their goods and services – and the digital marketplace is increasingly providing a lifeline.

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And Mayura is committed to helping businesses grow in spite of these tough conditions.

With the company’s primary goal to increase visibility and sales for its partners, Mayura is currently offering all of its services free of charge to its sellers – no registration, product listing, referral and transaction fees.

“As our world has been rapidly digitalising, we have noticed that many cash-strapped entrepreneurs and small business owners have been struggling to compete with the industry giants or new entrants backed by conglomerates with deep pockets.

“They have been gradually falling behind and becoming extinct. Considering this unfortunate reality, we decided to take action by empowering such entrepreneurs and small business owners by creating opportunities for them to strategically position themselves for the digital age.

“With the global pandemic, the significance of digitalisation and e-commerce has never been greater. The reality is that e-commerce is no longer an option but a necessity for survival.

“We are committed to keeping our platform free for all our partners until they are able to make sales and be successful on our platform. We believe that our partners’ success is our success,” said Paul.


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