Mystery corpse turns up in Kandal

Residents of Kandal’s Kampoul District saw a shocking and horrific sight when they happened on a corpse of a man.

The body of a man was left by an unknown person in Ampil Teuk Village, Sambour Meas Commune, Muk Kampoul District, Kandal and was discovered by the villagers on the morning of October 14. The sight caused great alarm among the villagers who contacted authorities immediately.

After receiving the information of the corpse, authorities from the Kandal Provincial Police cooperated with Muk Kampoul District Police rushed immediately to the scene. They were led by the Kandal Provincial Police Commissioner, Maj. Gen. Chhoeun Sochet.

The body sustained several stabbed wounds. The nationality of the deceased is speculated to be likely Vietnamese.

The body is believed to be of a murder victim in Prey Veng, and dumped in Kandal.

Currently, experts are conducting an autopsy on the body. Police are also searching for the killer.


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