COVID-19 in Cambodia

Private clinics and hospitals offers vaccination shots, including Johnson & Johnson amidst dwindling supplies

As the end vaccination target for Cambodia is closer in sight, some private clinics are offering vaccine shots, including Johnson & Johnson, as the nation’s stockpile almost finishes.

Based on previous reports, the country received a total of 1 million doses Johnson & Johnson. With the 984,419 people having received the Johnson & Johnson, there are only 14,581 doses remaining.

While doses have declined from government stockpiles, private hospitals and clinics have managed to get a hold of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines in their private stocks. Along with the Johnson & Johnson, private clinics have also managed to obtain other vaccines including, the ubiquitous Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines and AstraZeneca.

While government issued vaccines comes free of charge, a certain private clinic, located in Kampuchea Krom, was inquired about the kinds of the vaccines that they have in stock. According to an employee, the clinic has a stock that included AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Johnson & Johnson.

The same clinic gave the prices for their vaccines. Johnson & Johnson is vastly more expensive than other vaccines. For 2 doses of Sinopharm or Sinovac, customers are expected to pay USD$120, 2 doses of AstraZeneca would set a person back USD$200, but those who want to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are expected to cough up USD$250.

Identification and documentation requirements are notably more relaxed than those at government vaccination sites. Government vaccination sites require Cambodians born in Phnom Penh to show either a government-issued i.d. and those born outside the capital to have a letter of residence and an authorization letter from their commune leader. Foreigners are expected to have their passports and visas, while some places require a certificate of residence and of employment. The private clinic only requires i.d. cards from Cambodians and foreigners only need to bring their passports.

Another hospital has also stated that they are ordering Pfizer vaccine doses, as well as other vaccines. Despite authorization from the MoH, the clinic and hospital that were inquired about their Covid-19 vaccination services replied that they are keeping tight-lipped about the services.


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