COVID-19 in Cambodia

Public and private market vendors barred from doing business without vaccination cards

In a move meant to control the spread of Covid-19 and bring down the numbers the Market Commission in Phnom Penh have announced new measures concerning entry into markets for vendors and buyers alike.

The Commission confirmed that anyone who wants to enter the market for purpose of purchasing merchandise must show their vaccination cards before being allowed in. Security guards are stationed at the entrance of the markets and are instructed to check everyone.

This measure is not only for those who enter markets to purchase necessities, but also for the vendors in those markets. The Commission informed vendors that without vaccination cards they will not be allowed to sell.    

The Chairman of Toul Tum Poung Market Commission, Chamroeun Soklim, told local news on October 14 that in compliance to the order of the Phnom Penh Capital Administration Committee, people have been stationed at the entrances of Toul Tom Poung Market. They will not allow people in or out of the market without a vaccination card.

Particularly, vendors are not allowed in the market without a vaccination card or certificate of vaccination. However, the Chairman confirmed that all the vendors in the market have been vaccinated and have cards.

The Chairman of the Olympic Market Commission, Loy Seang Ang, have all confirmed the same thing. He stated that in compliance to the order of the Capital Administration, Olympic Market have also adopted the same measures since October 11. However, he sated that some people and traders attempted to enter the market without a vaccination card.


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