COVID-19 in Cambodia

Secretary of State Or Vandine confirms target for vaccinated population will be achieved this September

The progress of the vaccination campaign in Cambodia progressed rapidly and smoothly since its launch. The goal for 18-years-old and above vaccinated population is soon to be achieved by September.

Secretary of State Or Vandine mentioned the remarkable progress of the vaccination campaign in the country, when she spoke with local news on the closing ceremony of Svay Rieng’s first vaccination campaign.

She confirmed that the targeted number of vaccinated people will be reached this September. Dr Or Vandine expressed her hope that the 10 millionth person will be vaccinated by the end of September.

The target for herd immunity, including for those under 17-years-old, is 12 million. According to the latest report, less than 600,000 people are left before the 12 million target is achieved.

Despite the slowing down of the vaccination progress, the MoH is remaining hopeful that the target will be reached.


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